Only $24.95 CAD
Only $24.95 CAD
Only $24.95 CAD
Eric's Kung Fu Resources
"Welcome to kungfubrothers! Kung fu has been a part of my life for more
than 25 years; it has taken me all over the world, and has introduced me
to many friends and fellow martial artists. Although we all come from
different places and different cultures, it is fascinating to see how the
principles of kung fu unite us all."

Eric has studied kung fu since the age of 10, specializing in the last 20
years in a diversity of Chinese weaponry. There are limited instructional
resources for Chinese weaponry, and even fewer that offer material that is
presented in a methodical fashion. Eric's unique instructional resources
available here, are of top quality, and are the result of decades of training
and teaching.

Aside from the martial arts, Eric works full time as an electrical engineer
and part time as a certified
piano technician. Although the two fields are
worlds apart, the services that Eric offers and skills that he utilizes are the
result of years of dedicated study and are perfect illustrations of his kung
fu principles.

"Most people attending a concert focus solely on the performance of the
musician. Very few would ever consider the skill of the technician who
prepares the instrument beforehand. The piano technician is a vital part of
the concert, but never directly receives applause for his role. The primary
goal is to enable the musician to shine."

"Similarly, the primary goal of a true master should never be to directly
seek the applause, but rather to strive to enable his students to receive it
- Eric
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