Chinese Boxing Magazine 武術小説王 (King of Wushu Stories) began
publication in 1951 by the Cheung Kee Book Company 祥記書局 in Hong
Kong. The magazine featured articles about the kung fu masters of the era,
epic martial arts stories as told by them, and photos and illustrations of
them personally demonstrating their forms. Contributors to the magazine
included well known authors 念佛山人 (Nim Fut San Yen, 許凱如) and 我是
山人 (Wo Shi Shan Ren, 陈劲), and Sifu 梁永亨 (Leung Wing-hang). The
magazine was published on a weekly basis, and they were eagerly
snatched up by martial arts enthusiasts of all levels every Saturday
morning. The weekly issues were organized into volumes of 12 issues.
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Chinese Boxing Magazine
Help Our Preservation Efforts
These old magazines are approaching 70 years of age, not only are
they very hard to find, but their condition is continually degrading.
We at Kungfubrothers have started work on digitally scanning and
cataloguing our collection, to preserve and share their contents, but
our collection is only about 40% complete. If you have any, or know
of anyone who has a collection of these magazines, please email us
Leung Wing-hang c.1931
The Cheung Kee Book Company used this magazine to introduce martial
arts stories and forms in a serial format to the masses, prior to compiling
the stories and martial arts forms into books. Also included were
biographies of notable masters, a reader's Q&A column, and articles on
martial arts activities and events. In 1954 the Chinese name of the
magazine was changed to 武術雜誌 (i.e. "Wushu Magazine"), and
continued publishing into the 1960s. In total, there were over 500 issues
printed, in over 40 volumes, with distribution through most of Southeast
Asia, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines,
and Vietnam, and interestingly even as far away as Cuba.
Chinese Boxing Magazine - Volume 24 (2018 reprint)
Complete volume of the original 1956 publication of issues #277-288
From the private collection of Eric Shou-Li Yao
It has taken many years to source the materials and compile this
limited edition hardcover reprint of Hong Kong Chinese Boxing
Magazine Volume 24, but it's finally here! These vintage magazines
are hard to find, but even harder to find is a complete volume. If you
have any of the original magazines, you'll know how fragile its pages
and bindings are, so this reprint reproduces the original content in a
stable format meant to endure for future generations. Grab a copy
while you can!

With the purchase of this volume, you'll be helping us fund the
publication of more volumes, and in our goal of creating a complete
8.25" x 10.75"
Full color digital reproduction of the original 1956 publication
Chinese Language
440 pages
What's inside?
Shaolin Green Dragon Fist 少林派青龍拳譜 by Master Pan Mao-rong 潘茂容,
Emei Style Umbrella 峨嵋穿雲傘
by Master Yuan Chu-cai 袁楚材, Cheng
Chongdou's 程冲斗Shaolin Two-Handed Longsword form first published in the
late 1500's, Mantis Plum Flower Fist 螳螂梅花拳 by Master Wong Hon-fan 黃漢
Tales of Wing Chun Fist 談詠春拳 by Him-him 謙謙, Tales of the New Five
Tigers of Canton 廣東新五虎
by Ngo Hai San Yen 我是山人, Tales of the Staff
King of Nam-hoi 南海棍王 by Dai Gyun Dei Dam 大圈地胆,
Tales of the Heroes of
Qin by Mo Liu Sang 毛聊生, Tales of White Jade An's Three Visits to Wudang
白玉案三訪武當山 narrated by Leung Wing-hang 梁永亨 and written
by Nim Fut San Yen 念佛山人,
and much much more...
Chinese Boxing Magazine
Volume 24
Limited Edition 440 page
hardcover republication of Hong
Kong's pioneering martial arts
magazine serial from 1956
$399 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide