Drunken Sword
Drunken Style
There are several fables that regale the
origins of the drunken style. It may have been
created accidentally by drunk monks, or
perhaps an observant and inventive disciple.
Whatever the origin, the philosophical basis
remains solid; confusion is the key weapon in
the drunken style.

The drunkard is at one moment unstable and
oblivious to the combat situation, and the next
completely sober and striking with clear intent
and power. All parts of the body are used to
block, deflect or strike. The practitioner must
train the body diligently to obtain the flexibility,
endurance, coordination, and the body
condition to fall with out injuring oneself.

When faced with such an opponent, an
unknowledgeable assailant will usually be
dumbfounded and placed at a complete

In the drunken style, nothing is ever what it
The drunken sword is one of the most
advanced weapon styles. The practitioner
appears inebriated, stumbling and
off-balance, however this is only a device
used to gain advantage over an opponent.

In ancient China, the straight sword, or
was known as a weapon of the aristocracy,
used by high-ranking military officers,
scholars, and professional martial artists. It
was considered the most versatile of all
ancient kung fu weapons and known as the
"King of Short Weapons".

Those highly skilled in the use of the straight
sword must possess a high degree of body
coordination and agility. The strength of this
weapon lies in the practitioners ability to avoid
an opponent's attack, and precisely attack an
opponent's openings. For this reason, high
level straight sword forms tend to be confused
as drunken style.
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