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"I think there is a false sense in our society that conformity is
good, and that if we are different, we become outcasts."

When looking at Jacky's resume, non-conformity is one thing
that he has apparently specialized in: martial artist and Chinese
Lion Dance Tail performer, music degree in tuba performance,
and bass player and back-up singer for the indie band

When asked why he chose such atypical pursuits he responded,

"...the fact is that I didn't choose any of them; the band needed
a bass player, in junior high I was assigned the tuba because I
was physically the biggest kid, and Lion Dance Tail because I
was strong enough to carry someone; it was all a matter of

The positioning of Jacky in background support roles was not
only logistical; it also taught him important lessons about team
work. As in any sports team or corporate work team,
member has a different yet equally important role.

Jacky's recent passion and current profession is in the field of
teaching. Fostering a new generation of creativity is both his
motivation and aspiration.

"The Western education system demands literacy and
numeracy, which seems to result in the loss of creativity in many
of our students...the only way we can prepare our students for
the unpredictable future is to give them the necessary tools to
be flexible so that they can adapt to whatever the future brings."
- Jacky
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