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"My greatest aspiration has always been to seek knowledge in as
many of the facets of life as I am able. My greatest motivation has
always been the inspiration of those around me and the inspiration
from the marvels of the world that we live in."

Kenneth Yeung has been an avid martial artist since his teenaged
years. It isn't certain whether his long time passion for the virtual
world of video gaming sparked his passion for the martial arts, or
vice versa, but what is certain is that Kenneth has found his own way
of combining his passions. Although he credits the inspirations that
he employs as the Lead Programmer for Capybara Games on the
marvels of the world we live in, the virtual universe that he creates on
a daily basis certainly inspires us all.

While working on his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer
Science in 2001, Kenneth developed the hugely popular
Max Payne,
Kung Fu Edition
mod that revolutionized third-person action
gameplay. By devising inventive hacks and innovative workarounds,
he managed to find ways of making the strict game engine do things
it wasn't originally designed to do: to allow the player to experience
"pant-crapping" kung fu action!

"For some, life is measured in terms of academic or financial
success, but for me, life is defined by one's accomplishments. Large
or small, accomplishments are the mark of dedication, sacrifice and
love - the characteristics that make us who we are."
- Kenneth
Only $24.95 CAD
Dynamic lion dance
"jump" & "hold"
Ken's Kung Fu