Martial Arts Suppliers
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Large supplier located in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Weapons, uniforms, lion dance products, instructional resources,
training equipment, accessories.
The Source for Tiger Claw products.
Wing Lam Enterprises based in Sunnyvale,
California. Weapons, instructional resources,
and training accessories. Good service and
Kung Fu Direct / Han Ding Martial Arts based in
Campbell, California. Contemporary wushu and
traditional kung fu weapons and training gear.
Good value, great products.
World Martial Arts Supply based in Arizona
and run by Master Li Jin Heng. They carry a
wide assortment of chainwhips, all weights,
lengths and number of sections.
Kung Fu Clothing
Good Orient Fine Asian Goods based in
Carson City, Nevada. Simple and elegant
kung fu shirts and pants. A tad expensive,
but haven't found another supplier of the
things we like.
Jonie Uniforms based in Brisbane, California.
You can choose, mix and match trim colours.
All uniforms are made in the US. Also carry
wide range of lion dance products.
Kung Fu Forums
This is a good martial arts forum from
Germany with a focus on Shaolin kung
This is an informative and current
martial arts forum from Sifu Wing
Lam's website.
This is a nice martial arts forum from
the UK that includes and invites
discussion of all martial arts styles and
"More than a team, we're brothers"
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Martial Arts Links