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"At first it was all about learning breakdance moves and tricks and
impressing I got further into it I learned about the essence
of the dance, the history, the foundations and fundamentals of why
it is done...bboying is a lifestyle, it is a culture"

Aside from being a martial artist and one of the founding
kungfubrothers, Onton has been a bboy since 2000 and is
currently a member of the
Supernaturalz Crew. The Supernaturalz
is an international class competitive team renowned as Canada's
finest. Their impressive resume of national titles and international
invites sets them amongst the world's top dancers. Of note, the
Supernaturalz represented Canada at the Bboy Unit World Finals
in both Seoul, South Korea, and Beijing, China in 2008.

                               In order to remain in peak
competitive                                               condition, Onton typically
practices 5-6                                             hours a day. He also
balances this with a                                          full time job in Property

"I rarely have time to do anything else aside from work and dance.
Bboying is a starving art. Given the way our society is, I have to
work in order to pay the bills. But given a choice, I'd gladly give up
making money just to dance."

You have to admire the level of passion Onton and other bboys
sustain. Through time commitment, sweat, painful injuries, personal
and professional sacrifices, they keep progressing forward;

"The learning potential is endless which is why I will never stop this, there are no limits" - Onton
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