The Rope Dart
Rope Dart History
According to Li Keqin's book: Soft Weapons -
Nine-Section Whip and Rope Dart
, it claims that
according to folklore, this weapon was first used by
General Du Mu of the Western Han Dynasty (206
BC - 24 AD) to dismount General Cheng Peng from
horse top.

In Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming's book:
Ancient Chinese
, it claims that the earliest record of the
rope dart is from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).

Regardless of precisely when and who first utilized
this type of weapon, it is a fact that this weapon has
had a long history.

Thrown objects have been used in combat by
people around the world during all ages. The
advantage of projectile weapons is that they may be
employed over long distances, thus adding an
element of surprise to their nature. The major
downfall, however, is that they are often lost after a
single use. The concept behind the rope dart is
simple: a projectile weapon that is retrievable, and
instantly reusable.
Rope Dart Structure
There are three main parts to the rope dart: the
rope, the dart and the silk.

The Rope
Any length of rope can be used, however the
techniques involved differ greatly depending on the
rope length. The length commonly recommended is
the user's shoulder height added to his/her arm
span. The type of rope, generally speaking, must
be flexible, must not come apart with twisted, and
must have sufficient thickness, but should not be
overly thick, else the rope will be sluggish to react.
3/16" braided nylon cord available at local
hardware stores works well for light weight darts,
5/16" for heavier darts.

The Dart
Darts are available in many shapes and weights.
For fast techniques with quick throws and
withdrawals, a light weight dart in the order of
70-90 grams is necessary. Darts of weight greater
than 160 grams is typically used by those
interested in "traditional" style with slower but more
lethal techniques.

The Silk
The silk attached to the dart is not merely for
decoration. It does have an important function. The
silk actually enables the user to more easily control
the dart's movement. The heavier the dart, the
larger the silk must be.
The rope dart is one of the most highly
regarded weapons in the Chinese Martial Arts.
It is renowned for its complexity and the high
level of skill required to wield with proficiency,
however, the rope dart is not a weapon that is
reserved for the martial elite. Anyone can
learn rope dart techniques regardless of age,
size, shape or martial arts experience.
Additional Options
Dr. Yang Jwing Ming's book on
Ancient Chinese Weapons is a
good resource in English for
those interested in weaponry.
Includes history, description of
usage, and illustrations of a
multitude of battle instruments.
Check it out:
Rope Dart
The Kung Fu Weapon
by Eric Shou-Li Yao
In this book, 27 essential
techniques are illustrated
step-by-step with over 260
photos and described in
detail in both
English and
Chinese. Basic and advanced
techniques are covered,
providing the reader with a
solid foundation in rope dart
Soon to be out of stock
worldwide, grab a copy while
you can!
14 x 21cm
5.5 x 8.25 in
211 pages
ISBN 962-932-063-0
Price $24.95 CAD
Rope Dart: The Kung Fu Weapon, has been added to the
Chinese University of Hong Kong Library, check it out:
Rope Dart
Instructional DVD
by Eric Shou-Li Yao
This DVD reveals all of the
techniques of an award
winning rope dart form.
Guaranteed to impress you.

With the assistance of picture
in picture, and slow motion
capture, even the most
complicated combination
techniques are illustrated in

This was created as a
companion to the book:
Dart, the Kung Fu Weapon
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Solution Graphics
"I've received your book and DVD. It is apparent
that much time and effort has been put into
them. I am inspired by your work and your
mastery of the rope dart. It is well written and
the instructions are very simple. I've practiced
the few exercises and have found them
surprisingly easy to understand. I've found
myself a bit clumsy but I'm assuming that this
will improve with practice. I'd be interested if
you ever plan to make intermediate and/or
advanced training DVD's so please keep me in
mind and let me know. Thank you very much for
you devotion and time."

- Lucky
Kennesaw, GA
"You've done an absolutely superb job on
both. The book is very well written, with
clear and concise instruction; and the dvd is
equally as good, with everything easily
discernable and the instruction just as clear.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks again"

- Toby
Oxfordshire, UK
"Both the book and the DVD are really
outstanding. I certainly recommend them to
anyone interested in learning the rope dart.

I had been a student of Hung Gar for about
twelve years, but now I  just learn stuff here
and there on my own. My favorite weapon
had always been the chain whip, but they
had never taught the rope dart at the school.

Keep up the god work and I hope to find
more great books and DVD's at Kung Fu
Brothers in the future."

- Warren
San Jose, CA
For a long time, this book was the only
instructional material available on the
rope dart. Contains many illustrations of
chainwhip and rope dart techniques with
descriptions in English.
This Rope Dart offered by martialartsmart
is a standard traditional one (i.e. it's
heavy). This is what is commonly used in
No one seems to make lighter weight
rope dart tips. One option is to use the tip
from a heavy weight chainwhip. This one
available through martialartsmart is a tad
light, but a good size for a child's rope
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