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Twin Hook Swords
Hook Sword Techniques
The hooks blades at the end of each sword
allow the two weapons to be hooked together
and swung for an extended attack. This is one
of the unique and classic techniques of this
weapon. The hook ends are also very useful in
grasping and controlling other weapons or an
opponent's limbs. Following this, it is said that
the hook swords are very effective against
flexible weapons like the chainwhip.

The moon shaped hand guards were made for
trapping and delivering nasty penetrating
punches. The dagger end is particularly
dangerous not only to an opponent, but also to
the user, as it can easily slash the user's inner
forearm or stab into his/her stomach.

The weight and construction of this weapon
varies. Contemporary wushu style hook swords
are made in one piece out of thin and flexible
chromed "wushu" steel. These light weapons do
not have great strength and can quite easily be
broken, however they are still quite dangerous,
and can cause bloody injuries. (We know!)

Traditional style hook swords are made of
thicker steel, typically the hand guard is a
separate blade that is joined to the body of the
weapon. This style of hook is much heavier than
their wushu counter-parts, and requires great
strength to control.

Regardless of what style of hook sword you
prefer, the Hook Swords have sharp points and
edges everywhere so requires great care in
learning how to manipulate them without
causing self-injury.
The Twin Hook Swords are one of the most
elegant yet brutally lethal bladed weapons in
the Chinese arsenal. Their moon shaped
bladed hand guards makes them an instantly
recognizable and feared weapon.

All parts of this weapon are double edged, it
features a double-sided dagger blade at the
base of the handle, and a recurved hook blade
at the opposite end. They are typically used in
pairs, however some martial arts styles possess
routines that pair the Hook Sword with other
weapons eg. hook and shield.

It is said that the Twin Hook Swords date back
to the Spring and Autumn Period and the
Warring States Period (722-222 BC), however it
should be noted that there are few examples in
existence of true antiquity. Since this weapon
has multiple points and blades, it is very difficult
to sheath, and even more difficult to unsheath
quickly. This would suggest that this weapon
may not have been as prevalent or as practical
as we may imagine.
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Hook Sword Review
~ $80 USD Light Wushu Style, (comes with case!)
Tiger claw products are fairly consistent. The selling point with these
hooks is that they come with a case! The only down side to the case
though is that they are very form fitting, and so getting them in and
out is not very easy. Also would be nice if they added a shoulder
strap (they only have carrying handles). But all-in-all a pretty good
pair of hooks.
~$50 USD Light Wushu Style (no case, but great price!)
The price is the big seller for these hooks. The quality is okay, but of
course is also not very consistent (can't have everything!) I once got
a pair that had unmatched hook ends!
~$80 USD Traditional Style (no case)
What can we say...this is a great pair of traditional hook swords!
(and at a great price!) For those that don't like the wobbly wushu
swords, but also don't like the cheap looking chromed heavies, this
pair is perfect for you. The metal actually looks and feels like metal!
The dagger end has a very sharp point, so be careful with these
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