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The True Story of Wong Fei Hung
Volume 1: Whip Extinguishes Candles
This is Part 1 of the classic Hong Kong film originally
released in 1949 that pioneered the entire Wuxia film genre.
Visionary Director Wu Pang cast Chinese Opera star Kwan
Tak Hing in the role of the legendary folk hero Wong Fei
Hung; a role that he was to hold for more than 40 years in
over 100 film and TV productions.

In this film, grand disciples of the real life Wong Fei Hung
were enlisted as consultants and background actors
including notables
Leung Wing Hang, Lau Cham, Yuen
Wing Kwai, Poon Kwai Yat, and Chan Hon Chung. Other well
known stars included: Walter Tso Tat Wah, Simon Yuen Siu
Tin (father of action director Yuen Woo Ping), and Lee Lan
(the first Miss Hong Kong on 1946).

The film contains some of the earliest recorded footage of
traditional Hung Gar forms and fighting methods, performed
by the most famous practitioners of the era. This is a
"must-see" for martial arts fans, historians and kung fu
practitioners of all styles.
Format:        DVD
Time:           72 min
Colour:         B & W
Language:   Chinese
Subtitles:     English
Fan Produced DVD Now Available
$24.95 CAN
(Approx $24 USD)
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